Nissan has a variety of dependable vehicles to choose from, but which Nissan car is the best? There’s no right answer for every driver, with different models appealing to different kinds of people. By comparing Nissan’s most popular models we hope to get you closer to finding the right one for you.

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Comparing Some of Nissan’s Most Popular Cars

Nissan Rogue vs. Nissan Rogue Sport

Though both Rogues have a lot in common, their differing sizes give them each a unique appeal. The compact Rogue is the larger of the pair, offering a spacious 61.1 cu. ft. cargo area. It also provides slightly more power with a 2.5L 4-cylinder engine. Whether you have a family or significant cargo needs the Rogue is a great pick

The smaller Rogue Sport comes with its own advantages like a sportier suspension for a more cushioned ride as well as a lower price tag than it’s big brother. The Rogue Sport may appeal more if you have a smaller budget or prefer the crisper drive.

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Nissan Maxima vs. Nissan Altima

Which of Nissan’s largest two sedans is the better pick? If you’re looking for space, versatility, and efficiency, you can’t do better than the Altima. This midsize car comes with room to stretch out in its cabin, offering 45 inches of legroom in the front and 34.2 inches in the rear. It also gets up to 38 mpg on the highway. Both commuters and families will find something to love with the Altima.

If you’re more focused on luxury and performance, the Maxima is the choice for you. Although the cabin is slightly smaller, it’s crafted from premium soft materials, giving it a classier feel. This large sedan also comes with the lively acceleration of a standard V6.

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Nissan Altima vs. Nissan Sentra

Is the Altima or the Sentra the right sedan for you? Though both feature stylish designs and great reliability, they appeal to different drivers. The midsize Altima’s roomy passenger area makes it an excellent pick for families. It also offers quicker acceleration compared to the Sentra.

The compact Sentra sedan comes with a much lower MSRP than the Altima, making it an excellent pick for drivers looking for great value. Its shorter length makes it more maneuverable, and it gets 29 mpg in the city, so the smaller car is also a great choice for city-dwellers.

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Find the Right Nissan Car for You in Raleigh, NC

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